Kiyo Hasegawa | Artist


Landscape is an open, vulnerable canvas for external factors: earthquakes, pollution, tsunamis, fire. Different climates reform and reshape nature almost every day. Those changes often affect and influence people’s perception towards their own actions and way of living and how they interlink together. Berger (1972) states ‘We never look at just one thing; we are always looking at the relation between things and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are.’


The artist Kiyo Hasegawa represents the landscape of her mind through her abstract depictions. She is fascinated with the unique wet atmosphere often seen and felt in Japanese landscape. Just as Japanese people are adept at adjusting to suit a social situation, Kiyo believes that they also intuitively understand and sensitively interact with nature. Her approach is to depict the landscape not as it naturally occurs, but as it exists in people’s inner spirit. Through this approach, she connects the internal and the literal landscape in her painting, drawing the viewer within.





1984 Born in Tokyo, Japan

2009 BFA in Japanese Paintings / Tama Art university

2009 Exchange program in Fine Arts / Aalto University

2011 MFA in Japanese Paintings / Tama Art university

2011 Assistant of Japanese Painting Department, Tama Art University (-2015)

2021-  Part-time lecturer, Tama Art University



2007 Reicof Art Award 2007 Encouragement Prize

2008 7th “Sesshu-no-sato” Soja Sumi Painting Award

2013 Grant awarded by The Great Britain Sasagawa Foundation (“KEHAI” ICN SPACE)

2017 Nominated for the 9th Koji Kinutani Prize


Solo Exhibitions

2010 “Within Beauty” Aralis Gallery Helsinki, Finland

2011 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo

2012 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

2013 “KEHAI” ICN SPACE, London, UK 

2013 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

2013 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

2014 “To the shrine grove” Fujiya Gallery, Tokyo

2015 “Memories of ice” Fujiya Gallery, Tokyo

2015 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Ichiharu Gallery, Kyoto

2016 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Toho Art, Tokyo

2019 “Kiyo Hasegawa Exhibition” Fujiya Gallery, Tokyo


Group Exhibitions

2008 “flow” Omotesando Gallery, Tokyo

2010 “Rashinban Selection 2010” Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo

2010 “NIHONGA-HANGA Exhibition” Sato Art Museum, Tokyo

2013 I was you. You will be me.” Akibatamabi21, Tokyo

2013 On paper 2013 -Paper and Nature-” Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo

2015 Ume-niwa-ten” Ichiharu Gallery, Kyoto

2016 META -real-” Kanagawa Prefectual Gallery, Kanagawa

2016 Art Fair Tokyo” Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo

2016 Sora-no-iro, Chi-no-iro” Ichiharu Gallery, Kyoto

2017 New works by emerging artists” Ichiharu Gallery, Kyoto

2018 La Primavera” Nihonbashi Takashimaya Art Gallery, Tokyo

2018 “Painting with Sumi” Art Space Rashinban, Tokyo

2018 “Inspiring Tunisia” Co-hosted by the Rupublic of Tunisia Embassy and Chiyoda Ward Office, Tokyo

2018 “Rose Festa” Yokohama Takashimaya Art Gallery, Kanagawa

2018 “Blue Collection” Tokyu Tama-plaza, Kanagawa

2018 “Rou Shi -The road leading to Tao-” Ichiharu Gallery, Kyoto

2019 La Primavera” Osaka Takashimaya Art Gallery, Osaka

2019 Nihonga Now” Masterpiece London 2019, London, UK '22

2019 Art Miami” The Art Miami Pavilion, USA

2020 TEFAF Maastricht” MECC Maastricht Forum, Netherlands '22

2020 OPENING CEREMONY” A Lighthouse called Kanata, Tokyo

2020 WEST BUND Art & Design” West Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China '21 '22

2021 Art Fair Tokyo” Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo '22

2021 NIHONGA RENAISSANCE” A Lighthouse called Kanata, Tokyo

2021 ART021” Shanghai Exhibition CenterShanghai, China

2021 “Untitled Art Miami Beach” Miami, USA

2022 “A Lighthouse called Kanata NewYork Pop-up High Line Nine Gallery, USA

2022 “Seattle Art Fair” Lumen Field Event Center, Seattle, USA

2022 The Future Eternal” A Lighthouse called Kanata, Tokyo



Luciano Benetton Collection​

Palace Hotel Tokyo



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